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American Motor Drome

The American Motor Drome had a great time at The “Battleground” for Bike Week! Thanks Paul, John, and the whole gang there! Next on to Myrtle Beach bike week at The “Broken Spoke Saloon”! looking forward to seeing everyone there. Thanks to Mark Barnett(Barnett’s Motorcycle Showcase mag)for the new Banners!

Jay Lightnin’ - owner, builder, trickrider.

Flash DeMonet & Charlie Ransom

Flash heading up the Wall!

Charlie & his girl, Spike.

Charlie Ransom doin’ his thing!

Sam Morgan & Jay Lightnin’

Wahl E. Walker teaching 2 future daredevil girls - his daughters, Hannah(L) & Sarah (R). Yeah!

L-R  Daisy, Sam & Mischief

Daisy is still hanging in there... Our Best Wishes for her feeling well. You can email Sam here.

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