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In Memory Of...

We pay tribute to and remember those who have gone before... friends and riders we have lost, but have not forgotten.. I hope to recreate our old pages, though sadly we now have more to add...

Joe & Viola Pelaquin (USA)

Joe & Viola Pelaquin, Sonny’s Dad & Mom, onstage in 1924. Viola retired in ‘29, after their first son (Joe, Jr) was born. Pioneers of the sport as it began, there are still members of this family riding the wall!

Sonny Pelaquin (USA)

Left: A Son of Joe & Viola, Sonny was an inspiration to anyone who ever met him. It is largely thanks to him that dromes are still around. He operated in the business longer than anyone else (‘cept now for Sam Morgan).

Enno VanDijken (Holland)

This email is from Enno van Dijken, Wallrider. The info on John McGowan was on our old" In Memory Of..." page.
Sadly, in 2001, we also lost Enno. He was on the above page also...

Dear sam, April 9, 2000
It has been a while since we made contact about the wall of death. But you might know John James Mc Gowan. He is or was one of the last and best trick-riders of England and nowadays in Holland and surrounding countries. I just want to tell you he died yesterday during a show in belgium. He had a heart attack. As I am having some problems with my hart I am not riding for the moment. Instead I sent you still a picture of me and my go-kart. If you do know more people of the wall of death, please tell them John has gone!
Thanks very much and I will stay in touch. -Enno

Paul Grunhof

Pictures soon

Sadly, there are many more to come...

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