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Lions and Ladies

Fearless women and their bid cats who rode the Walls through the years!

MARION PERRY and her“King”

Left: Here is a picture of Marion Perry and another lion, King (not the Pelaquin’s) coming through one of the chute doors into the Lion Motor Drome! This was sent to us by her nephew, Nelson Perry, along with some other pics which didn’t come through. I have contacted him for more info and a resend, and hope to hear from him soon!


This lovely lady and her husband Earl had a well known Lion Dromes and were contemporaries of the Pelaquins, the Kemps,etc., during the era when Lion Dromes ruled the shows! There were a lot of “Kings” back in the day!


Left:  Lolita Kemp along with some other unknown ladies and one of the big cats onstage at the Kemp Family Lion Drome! You can clearly see the barrel of the Wall in the background! Wish I had more info on this one. There was Marjorie Kemp who also rode, but I don’t know if any of these women is her.

(Unknown) CAT LADY

Don’t know who this is - it was sent to the site by a friend who found the image. Hopefully, someone will see it and email us with more info, tho’ there are not many of these folks still around...

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