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The Pelaquin Family

This page is in the works and will be complete in the next couple of days! It is my favorite, as Sonny Pelaquin was my mentor and I knew his dad and brothers, Joe Sr., Joe Jr., Frankie, Russell, and Stuie as well! Also, our great friend, Cookie Crum (Girlriders1 page) found Joe Pelaquin Jr. alive and well and living in N.Y.! We are thrilled to be back in touch with him and hope to get some more riding pictures of him and maybe Vonnie & the cats as well! (hint). He was known as “Graceful Joe” and Sonny always said that Joe was the greatest rider in the family, and was marvelous at working with the big cats, whom he loved more than anything!

Joe Pelaquin, Sr. & Jr. doing the race together!

Frankie Pelaquin

Russell Pelaquin

Below: Sonny Pelaquin, riding on the left and his usual happy self (on Conklin shows with the old lion drome in ‘80 & ‘81)on the right.  Sonny was inducted into the Sturgis Museum Hall of fame, along with Sam morgan in 2006! They are the first motor drome riders ever to be acknowledged by “mainstream” motorcycling!

Viola Pelaquin, Joe, Sr.’s wife and mother of the family!

Below(onstage at Joe Cupit’s drome on Deggeller Shows) - a group shot of riders from several shows among which were Lucky & Sparky Thibeault, Joe Cupit, Speedy Babbs, and Frankie Pelaquin in the middle of the 3 crouched down in front! The pic was taken by sonny Pelaquin!

Sonny, Sam, and Rick Purcell onstage at sonny’s old drome on Deggeller Shows. This was Joe Cupit’s old drome, and the one that Sam and many others learned to ride on!

Joe, Sr. and Viola Pelaquin onstage of one of their dromes. Viola rode till she had the kids - as was the usual way it was back then and today still!

Below is “La Vonnie” - lady trickrider and wife to Joe Pelaquin, Jr. While they were together, they were the best riders in the business and did tricks on the wall that will never be seen again!

Sonny & his wife Judy around 1999.

Sonny at the age of 19 - just out of the service and riding full time with his family! Check out the hottie he was! All the Pelaquins were good looking and had WAY charisma!

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