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This is where we will be posting the pictures and text that comes to us from friends and folks we meet. I am so glad to finally get this page up  - have had many of the pics for awhile and now some text to go with them! Thanks to Dick (donít know his last name) for sharing some of his family history with us! We have been emailing for quite awhile, and I am happy to finally get this started! I have lots to catch up on since we lost the old site with a pc crash. Thanks to all of you who sent pictures, etc. They all will get here soon and then on to the other pages where they will stay for my lifetime anyway. - Sam.

Sorry to be so behind in updating , but Iím on it now - explanation coming in the next few days... I lost my girl, Daisy to cancer recently and itís taken me awhile to get it all together again. She was my rock. Again - apologies to everyone who is waiting for their info to be posted, but Iím on it now! 

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