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2006 Bonneville Salt Flats (Bubb’s Race Week)

Jay Allen (Broken Spoke Saloon) invited Sam Morgan to Bonneville to race his 1946 Chief on the salt! She took him up on it and came home with a “need for speed” and 2 world landspeed records! One was on Jay Allen’s ‘46 Chief (built and also ridden by Dave Iverson & Jill) and the other on a ‘36 Chief belonging to Indian Lawrence and built by Guy (the “Wrecking Crew”) out of Oregon! The original rider, Butch Cook, had to go drag racing after he set the first record. There was a technical(paperwork) problem and Guy needed another record run for the team, so he went to Sam, who had introduced herself earlier in the week (as well as being on the salt with Butch), while drooling over the little red Chief! She also got to be monkey on a sidehack rig belonging to Fritz Kott. Yee ha!! Pics are below. Thanks to Jay A. from Sam - from the bottom of her heart, which now has room for drome riding, racing, and skydiving! ;-)

Jay Allen lays claim to several world landspeed records (several on his HD)... and for sure is an inspiration to Sam and so many others for his good nature and sportsmanship, and just darn loving to ride! A talented guy. Rodent came along and shot some great pix, and thanks to Claudia for saving us from the roasting heat!! While we were there we saw Chris & Duke and the guys from Cycle Source, John Parham (J&P Cycles), Matt Koch, and many other friends!

Most of the pix below are courtesy of Rodent. I will credit the others as we go.

Sammy on the salt with Jay Allen’s ‘46 Chief

My Thanks also to Brian Maloney (S.D.), for the loan of his racing leathers! I saw the good luck note he scribbled in the jacket as I went to put it on! Just needed a little gofast tape to take ‘em in a little and I was good to go! I guess they worked just fine! Thanks again, Brian, you are a great friend... ;-)

Fritz Kott & Sam trying on his side hack

Sam met Fritz at Bonneville -he was camped next to Jay Allen and figured Sammy was about the right weight for the bike’s ballast. He had no idea she was a drome rider... but it sure came in handy! They did 107 on the salt (fastest single time) that day! Though he got the record- Fritz thinks he can do better next time!

Sammy on the ‘36 Chief that Guy Mobbley built (owner Indian Lawrence), after her record run on the salt!

Fritz Kott & Sam (still on the salt) after their record run on the salt!

left below: Jay Allen & Jill (Dave Iverson) showing us the Broken Spoke Racing Team aerodynamic suit wrapping technique! (Secret is to use 200 mph tape!) ;-)

Posing for the Rodent!

Getting ready to go!

Sam at the Starting Line

Thanks, Rodent, for the DVD. Thanks Jay for changing my life AGAIN! (Last year I went skydiving for the first time, again, courtesy of Jay Allen). Much love and always respect... _Sam

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