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Sammyís New Wall (Itís A Girl)!

Unit B of the American Motor Drome (a new Wall) is in the works! It came from a friend who passed, T.J.Howard. Sam & he had been brainstorming on it for a couple of years, when T.J. dropped out of sight. Now, several years later, some friends of T.J. saw an article on Sam about her Hall of Fame induction and an article on her wanting to restore the old lion drome. They contacted us to donate the drome, and thatís when we realized we had discovered what happened to TJ... Anyhow, Sam is going to finish the drome she & TJ started over the phone!  (progress pix below)

The email below is the one we received...    Thanks again, Shane. We will also be having Shaneís shop as our first Sponsor.

Sam, I really enjoyed visiting your website, and the in memory of  on TJ Howard. He was a friend of mine, and we worked together while he was in Abbeville SC. I helped him on his motordrome also when I had the time. I have some good pics of him riding the wall of death while on the Canadian circuit he was with. Also, I noticed an article in Chopper Magazine, that said Sam Morgan was wanting to build a motordrome of her own. My friends and I dissasembled the motordrome that TJ was building and put it into dry storage for keeping. To my recollection he had it maybe 60% built, I would like to see  if you or her would be interested in allowing us to donate it for you guys to complete? 

This would be a wonderful tribute to TJ, and everyone who knew him and misses him as well! i would love nothing more than to see his dream of  "The Dixie Riders" come to realization! Please contact me at my e-mail or the phone  #'s below.

Thank you!

shane ashley ("tumbleweed")...

Sam Morgan sidesaddle on the Wall at Jay Lightninís American Motor Drome. (pic Sara Liberte)

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